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Birds of a feather.

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That… Is not what I expected


That… Is not what I expected

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i want to write about how, if their positions were reversed, abel wouldn’t have killed cain, because he didn’t love God as much as his brother
and isn’t that a dilemma

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for sure. i’ve seen some really ugly stuff along these lines. also i hate that even talking about this is considered “wank” or even “ship wank” but there you go.
it’s really super nasty to call it ‘ship wank’ as if it’s just a fictional issue, etc.
lmao i have super complicate feelings about fictional incest, but my opinion on real world incest ist pretty clear

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some also fail to realize that there is even a huge power imbalance between siblings that live under healthy/non-toxic conditions

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i think the reasons why are pretty obvious but also probably wanky in this fandom.
yeah but the problem is some are not just arguing within fandom (as to why wincest would be okay or not or whatever), but are trying to turn it into a real world issue and idk it’s really concerning to me (esp. because it’s always almost immediately followed by abuse apologia)

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jesus f christ. i’ve seen this argument from wincesters before it’s. yeah.
it’s unhealthy especially in the context of wincest
why not just admit it

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You got a problem?


You got a problem?

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autisticdean hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:"incest activism"


'legalize incest'
because the worst about it is the social stigma and if it was just legal incest survivors wouldn’t be traumatized

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"incest activism"

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rape is never ever in any context an appropriate punishment

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A great explanation as to why everyone is pissed off by  dubiousculturalartifact 

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i feel like it’s not even sexual, just pleasing to look at

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people don’t seem to get that sometimes you are triggered via association

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why is brandon lee still dead